Toward the end of 1989 I began to get more involved with breaking the landscape ideas up into more abstracted shapes. First I began just using different sized stretcher bars for the vertical and horizontal bars. Then I realized that what I really wanted to do was break away from the rectangle concept completely and thus began to add wood to the stretched canvas. By 1990 I was committed to moving into exploring abstract concepts completely and as it turned out in 1990 I was awarded my first of 4 grants to attend The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts located at Sweetbriar, Virginia. VCCA is considered to be one of the top "Art Colonies" in the country and I was delighted to be going there for a full month! Being at VCCA, with other visual artists, sculptors, writers and composers was, of course, just the right thing for me to make the transition into working in a more abstracted manner.

So, essentially, this decade proved to be a pivotal period in my exploration of various styles and media. From moving into a purely non representational painting style to working with oil sticks and collage on paper, to getting completely immersed in my constructions!



Abstracted Landscape Paintings

Oil Stick on Paper


Abstract Paintings

Gouache Collage on Paper