2012-2017 Non-Objective Contemporary Art

The amount of work I produced between 2000 and 2011 was considerably less than normal and consisted mostly of paper pieces since they were less time consuming for me. But, starting in late 2012, I was once more working full time on my art, the sun shined anew and the flowers grew! After coming back to the studio full time in September of 2011 I spent almost a year exploring my new self. As in the past, I began to work with color values and how these interact within the ever changing visual plane. Here are a selection of the paper and oil pieces I completed from 2012-2017.



2017 Oil Paintings

2017 Oil on Paper



2016 Oil Paintings

2016 Oil on Paper



2015 Oil Paintings

2014 Oil Paintings



2013 Oil Paintings

2012 Oil Paintings


Gouache/Collage on Paper